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  • The Path of Flowers – Online course


    The PATH OF FLOWERS invites you to a week of botanical explorations to create a journal from start to finish and to fill it in entirely, allowing 20 to 30 minutes a day for 7 days. It’s the perfect easy course to discover floral patterns that are simple to appropriate and reuse. Dive into a poetic project starting with a recycled object to make something beautiful and delicate.

    An easy to use course that you can enjoy at your own pace (videos recorded and « lifetime » access).

    Want to find out more? All the informations are down below.

    If you’re a former Podia student, I’ve sent you an e-mail with a free code to recover your course. Please contact me if you have any problems.

    🇬🇧 PDF available in English. All the videos are subtitled in English.