The Big Blue – Online course


Have you dreamed about it but never dared try it? Discover the magical art of cyanotype with LE GRAND BLEU/THE BIG BLUE! Awaken your creativity using the magic of light: cyanotype offers a unique artistic experience combining science and creativity. You’ll marvel at the process of image revelation and plunge into the fascinating world of this age-old photographic printing technique.

Want to find out more? All the informations are down below.

🇬🇧 PDF available in English. All the videos are subtitled in English.


Dive into the alchemy of cyanotype

Discover the magical art of cyanotype, a unique artistic experience combining science and creativity. Become an artistic alchemist and free your inner magic with the secrets of cyanotype. And create images full of mystery and emotion.

 Topics & themes:

  • step-by-step explanations
  • tips and tricks for success
  • choosing the good supplies
  • understanding mistakes
  • print your negatives
  • experiment with wetcyanotype
  • explore the possibilities


  • an exemple of negative for your first try
  • a bonus video to create a journal with the fabric printed cyanotype

This class is for you if: 

  • You’re an explorer by nature
  • You want an artistic experience that connects you to nature
  • You love flowers
  • You’re fascinated by photographic techniques
  • You’re looking for a new way to nurture your creativity
  • You like to learn new things
  • You’d prefer to be guided to get started
  • You want to learn at your own pace and have access to videos whenever and wherever you want.

So join me in this new adventure! 

🇬🇧 the PDF file is in English and all the videos are subtitled in English. 


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